Financial strategy examines the financial implications of an entity and business-level strategic options and identifies the best financial course of action.

This has been a major challenge faced mainly by entrepreneurs wherein despite possessing the critical business acumen, they often get lagged behind the big enterprises in terms of basic knowledge of financial analysis, cash flow management, overall organisational development etc.

In the midst of operating the business, the entrepreneur tends to ignore the need to pause and review the road travelled and how the road to be travelled looks like. It is another matter that even if they want to review the state of affairs, there is no guarantee that they will get an expert hand to put the right perspective.

The entrepreneur ultimately becomes lost in the labyrinth of the business world which leads to weakening of the very foundation of their financial standing and ability to do business, and hence the untimely demise of their business.

We offer the service to enable the entrepreneur as below:

  • Diagnosis of the state of affairs
  • Comparative Financial Analysis
  • Revenue, Cost and Investment Analysis
  • Identify key issues & reasons
  • Identify the Profitable Core Business
  • Reviewing Projected Cash Flow & Financials
  • Review the Business structure
  • Review the Policies, Procedures, & MIS
  • Review the Roadmap for future growth
  • Reviewing Acquiring, managing and growing the customer base
  • Review the inventory management & Debt recovery
  • Examine the risks, the business exposed.
  • Identify the root cause of issues to find a lasting solution, not just treat symptoms

The expected outcome from the review will be better understanding and resulting in refined strategies, risk mitigation, complete legal compliance, higher RoI and long term sustainability.

Pricing – Very affordable and depending upon the complexity of the situation. A value for money proposition.