The role is to be a forward-thinking strategist with primary purpose is to provide strategic insight to help move the needle forward in business. As part of the Virtual CFO service, we help to provide financial intelligence that will increase cash flow, boost profit margins and streamline business growth.

Our Motto – To help MSMEs to get the best of CFO service at an affordable price.

Our Belief – No business is too big or too small to benefit from Virtual CFO services.

Scope of the services:
  • Drawing the financial strategy for the company, that examines the financial implications of the entity and business-level strategic options and identifies the best financial course of action.
  • Financial analytics- setting KPIs, Analysing the pain points, exploring opportunities to increase the RoI, & Value engineering.
  • Business forecasting, long term planning, preparing the short term CMA, and profit planning
  • Risk identification, Internal control, Governance, taxation, balance sheet management
  • Evaluation of an Opportunity (JV, PE, strategic, long term contract, IPO, M&A transaction) and supporting the process
  • Monthly and periodic Profitability and Balance Sheet review
  • Monitoring and controlling Cash flows, cash flow forecasting
  • Review of Operational MIS/Departmental MIS
  • Budgeting and Costing Implementation. Building accountability
  • Drawing roadmap for fundraising- long term/short term, designing the investment structures, & SPVs.
  • Efficient fundraising for various needs- Working capital/term loans/project funding/Private Equity/Venture capital, Listing in exchanges,
    Pitchbook/IM/ DPR preparation
  • Banking & Investor relationship
  • Inventory control and integration with accounts
  • Improving the External Credit rating
  • Recovery of corporate debts
  • Resolution of any legal matter relating to commercial, accounting and tax matter
Nature of Engagement
  • Retainership basis for routine functions like risk audit
  • Short term contracts- For certain process implementation, and value-based services
  • Transaction services- Specific transactions