At every stage of the entrepreneurial journey- the startup, growth, diversification, succession, exit or distress situation- entrepreneurs faces events and circumstances that require support beyond their core competency. The situation demands that they need certain expertise and support lasting for sufficiently longer period than just a transaction.

We have a panel of experts who would provide an objective assessment of the state of the business and the direction in which it is headed. They will handhold through the phase to see that the desired outcome is achieved.

Hand holding can make your journey much easy, shorten the learning curve and substantially decrease the chances of failure.

The experts handhold you through the ups and downs of entrepreneurship and steer you away from bad choices and teething issues. They act as a guide, offering advice and support whenever it is needed.

Our strategy involves helping customers realise the optimum solution to the issue they are facing. Some of these events and circumstances that require handholding are:

  • Improving RoI by understanding the impediments and implementing the ways and means
  • Charting a sustainable growth model that coupled with required organizational capacity.
  • Pursuing diversification strategy with thorough preparedness.
  • Organisational Development – To sustain the growth and to keep the ROI higher, the organizations need to be strengthened.
  • Formalisation of the firm to harness the potential and bring in good governance & eventual value creation
  • Succession planning that is smooth and orderly
  • Conflict Resolution – Resolving the conflict among the promoters /top management that may threaten the survival of the organisation they founded
  • Exit Planning – Preparing the organisation to become attractive to new investors
  • Distress Management – To save the enterprise from being overwhelmed by the distress events.
  • Turnaround through providing leadership.
  • Contingency Planning – Sudden death or illness of the entrepreneur leaves a vacuum and results in destruction.
  • Creating & nurturing a sustainable competitive advantage
  • Improve efficiencies through process reengineering
  • Increase employee productivity through novel HR practices


We assist MSMEs to undertake these activities with a defined time frame and support through active handholding to reach the desired goal.