Change, as they say, is the only constant and certainly part of running a small business. No sooner do you get comfortable doing one thing when something changes and you need to adapt.  In a small business, that’s the way it is, and your capacity to manage change is vital to surviving.

Transition Management is a process to enable a business to adapt to changes be it internal or external to the enterprise or due to personal reasons of entrepreneurs.

We understand that transition itself is very varied, apparently very non-financial in nature; yet the impact on the financials of the business of SME is immediate.

Estate Planning, Trusteeship, Transition Service

It is personal and important to an entrepreneur to script a definite plan to manage and distribute the estate as well as drawing succession plan for the business.

We understand that bringing up these issues with the family may not be always easy but could be quite uncomfortable.

However, this is an essential part of business planning as we commonly see in the Indian business context that many successful businesses simply died as family head failed to make the transition plan well in time.


Estate Planning: It aims to address a simple question-

“what should happen to your money and other assets when you pass on?”

We assist to build a proper plan proactively that will help prevent unforeseen circumstances and further disrupt the lives of his loved ones. We assist in the process of selection and nomination of an Executor – the one who organise the affairs after death of the person, if necessary, to carry out the plan.

Trusteeship: With respect to estate planning, guidance are offered in selection of trustees based on current situations and needs of the future. We facilitate in finalising the role and responsibility of the trustee who shall be responsible to run the trust created by you.

Transition Advisory: Transitional events in life, like marriage, divorce, inheritance or death all come with their own set of complexities. We can help you through these complexities and limit your liability with best possible outcome.

Succession planning is another area that needs planning well in advance. Well drafted succession plan and meticulous implementation will ensure passing of an important transitional challenge very smooth.