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A Sound Financial Planning can Eliminate Failure by 50%

SME Advisors developed a robust platform to develop business plans which have no parallel. We actually believe that sound business planning can eliminate failure by 50%, a key concern for every entrepreneur when they step on startup or growth. A good plan which is updated regularly is a vital tool that helps entrepreneurs to manage their businesses more effectively. We believe that it is an important document which guides one through the process of growth, identify the key risks to manage, fix the milestones, define responsibilities, general industrial scenario & how it is advantageous for their business, and includes a detailed financial plan.

Our lead consultants have a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs.  We have worked with dozens of companies on a broad range of projects. We have seen recurring patterns of success and failure, and, as a result, we have become adept at recognising key signals that need to be eliminated/contained/ managed for the success of the project and business. We bring a great deal of insight into every engagement.

Business Strategy

We review & evaluate your existing Business Strategy

Assessing Finance

We assess the requirement of your Finance

Financial Health

We check your Financial Health for Loans & Funding

Financial Plan

We create a Financial Plan for your Business

Business Plan

We help you Design your Business Plan

Personal Financing

We Harmonise with your Personal Financial needs

Financial Plan Components

It is essential for small business owners to get a better understanding of various elements of good Financial Planning. SME Advisors helps your business with:

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