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Connecting Specialist in Various Disciplines to SMEs

SMEs do face varied challenges and require expert support to find a solution which is cost effective and very efficient. However, these do not warrant a full time professional to engage nor affordable to retain such a specialist on the payroll.  We will assist SMEs to find a suitable specialist who can assist to carry a specific task on consulting assignment basis.

These specialists stay on the assignment on agreed terms and assist the company to undertake transformation in a steady manner without causing harm to the rest of the areas. These professionals are independent, reputed and carved out a niche for themselves in the areas of expertise.


Human Resources for SMEs

Human Resource Management is emerging as a serious challenge for many SMEs especially the one which are growing. There are many issues surrounding the successful strategy for human resource management. We Assist SMEs to find suitable specialist depends on the need and circumstances  such as:

Suitable Accountants

Accounting Specialists normally sought by SMEs


With an Emphasis on Observing Financial Discipline

Auditors & Taxes

Strengthening Financial discipline & Planning Taxes

Some  SMEs may need Business coaches and  Management Consultants to refine their overall strategy and strengthening the top management team and some may need industry experts or veterans to strengthen their product base and or improving the operating metrics.


We observe that many SMEs are in dire need to strengthen the internal housekeeping, improving governance and to mitigate the risks. We assist them to find an expert in the area of Internal AuditorsRisk Management Experts and Legal Advisors who have proven expertise in the area and assisted SMEs in the past.


Hiring Turnaround professional is another area wherein SME Advisors can assist SMEs. Any business in distress requires to change its strategy to return to normalcy. That requires an amazing level of grit and at the same time the immense level of empathy for people within the organisation and outside. We have partner firm who deliver value on this front.


There are many SMEs aspiring to seek private equity and wishing to list in SME exchanges and even main exchanges. The process required to be started much ahead of planned fundraising time may 2-3 years. This required to be handled by a professional who have rich expertise.  We have a network of merchant banking, valuation and transaction professionals to assist them to go through the process by working closely with them.


The services are required in fraction but timely. However, these professionals spread across and access to them for an MSME is a challenge. We connect such resource persons to SMEs online.

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