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SME ADVISORS team loves working with start-ups and it shows in our work. Our value-add comes from our experience and that’s what makes us versatile start-up business advisors. Our lead consultants have a diverse and significant track record working with entrepreneurs. We’ve worked with many innovative fledgeling companies. We have seen recurring patterns of success and failure, and, as a result, we have become adept at “start-up pattern recognition.”

We bring a great deal of insight into every engagement. In addition, we can play an active, hands-on role in our start-up client companies’ success – our work can be structured on a project basis or on an on-going basis.


Most importantly, we speak the language of start-up, especially regarding finance and business development. Whether it is helping entrepreneurs develop the articulation of their value proposition or securing the funding they deserve, we support start-up and emerging growth companies with a variety of services

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