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Matching the Finance to the Need is a challenge for MSMEs

One of the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs and small business owners is finding the funds necessary to finance their start-up or growth of their businesses.

The lending market is evolving and new products and delivery channels are emerging. The number of products available to meet the varied needs of SMEs is expanding by the day. New channels like online lenders are offering innovative solutions to meet the funding needs of SMEs. In addition, there are products of venture debts and stressed assets financing. There are many investors who are willing to invest in potential SMEs to reap the benefit of growth. Private and Equity funds are also increasing in the country.



On the other hand, the needs of borrowers are getting diversified due to the varied nature of the relationship with suppliers and customers.


The availability of products and needs makes it complex to deal with at an individual level. The customers may not get the best financial model structured in the circumstances for want of access to all information.


The funding plan of the business must keep in view the cash flow structure, potential risks, and need to align with financiers’ expectations.

Working Capital

Like Cash Credit, Business Loan, Bill discounting etc.

Listing Assistance

Due diligent assistance for listings in SME Exchanges

Loan Approvals

Term loan, Project loan, Hire Purchase, Leasing

Funding Opportunities

Venture Capital, Private Equity, Distress Funding

Government Schemes

Schemes for Startup, Standup, CGTMSE, Mudra, PMEGP etc.

Subsidy Schemes

Subsidy Schemes of the Government are also fit in the Funding Plan

It is not funding alone but also a thorough understanding of terms of such of finance and its implications of the financial future of their business.


We analyse circumstances, explore the sources and structure the best-suited financing model that aligns with the cash flow and meets the risk appetite.


We will assist SMEs to understand these products and their importance leading them to choose appropriate products suiting to their needs.


We assist clients in their communication and liaison with fund houses and banks. We help to tweak the project to meet the lenders requirements yet ensuring that needs of the plan are met.


Apart from funding we assist in negotiation for best terms – cost of fund, amount, payback structure, etc. Also assist in due diligence, transaction structuring, documentation & legal compliance.

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