Organizational transformation Service

It is in essence a handholding service.  During the period of engagement, we will work with the entrepreneur closely to identify the gaps, analyse the situation, identify the key resources, structure the solution and implement the same with support from the pool of experts structured and monitored by us.

The scope

The list of activities that will be undertaken depends upon the outcome of a detailed diagnostic study.
The broad range of activities that will be covered is listed in the annexure.



Business operations

Industrial Characteristics


The approach

SME Advisors will pool the competent professionals depending upon the expertise needed and handle service delivery. Our team will keep the oversight.

Mode of engagement

It is a subscription-based service. The pricing will be based on the quantum of work and the level of expertise required.
The service is identified through discussion and relevant to circumstances.

Benefits of Handholding service

  • Will remain valuable in any circumstances
  • Will be capable of dealing with any challenges
  • Effectively convert the opportunities.
  • Will eliminate the scope for knee-jerk reactions, and transformation will be orderly.
  • You will be able to allocate resources more effectively
  • Risks will be mitigated
  • Will prompt to make it more process-oriented
  • The organization’ss capacity to grow will be enhanced
  • A well-planned financial strategy can take your business to the next level
The questions we aims to

we understand that running a business can be challenging. That’s why we are proud to offer our comprehensive Business handholding Service, designed to help you identify areas of improvement and unlock opportunities for growth and success.

?How will our business be able to transition without
causing disruption?

?How will we be able to turn around our struggling

?How will we be able to eliminate sudden surprises of

?What we need to improve the profitability as well as

?Will there be any handholding support while we step
on transition?

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