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SME ADVISORS is championing the cause of empowering entrepreneurs to improve their financial performance and long term sustainability. We understand how important it is for entrepreneurs to address the subject of well being of his loved ones, as well as management and distribution of wealth created. Also, the journey of entrepreneurship is not without pains, uncertainties and risks. We would like to support small business owners in India in getting the best of services to address their concerns to make their journey successful and reach their goals. SME Advisors believes in working closely with entrepreneurs to the right solution to challenges.

As a part of this, we shall search and identify well-accomplished professionals from different specializations and showcase their capabilities in this platform to assist the SMEs avail their expertise in solving their problems. Sharing the first few here:

Profile of the Professionals

Anil Kumar Shetty

Founder – SME Advisors, Financial Strategy Advisor

Captain O P Dua

Advisor- Crisis Management & Turnaround

S N Sridharan

Advisor- Governance,& Internal Controls 

Suresh Gadwal

Investment Banking Advisor

Venkatachalam S

Advisor- Estate Planning and Family Office

Samuel Sudhakar

Business Management & Growth Consultant

Susmita Dasgupta

Brand Strategist and Personal Brand Specialist

KV Subramanya

Specialist- Financial Modeling

Subash Rao Sringeri

Personal Finance specialist

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