A Platform to connect with Subject Matter Experts

You have a problem? We have an expert to solve it for you.

It Is a platform to enable SMEs to instantly reach out to Subject Matter Experts to seek solutions.

We work with a panel of experts representing different functions to help you grow, mitigate risk, plan for the future, meet business challenges, etc.

Why We Are doing This?

At every stage of a business lifecycle – the start, growth, diversification, succession, exit or distress – entrepreneurs face situation and circumstances that require external support to detect misalignment, and expertise to cure the problems; or to pursue new opportunities

The situation may demand that they need specific expertise, prognosis, and cure. The engagement may last for a sufficiently long period, may be a few months to as long as 2-3 years. 

This platform is a one-stop solution to not just help your business but to connect with specialised experts who can step into the situation and advise the entrepreneur / business owner at the right time and in the right manner.

Platform Philosophy Image

Our Domains

Our domain expertise list is not exhaustive, we add experts based on the requirement.

Financial Planning

Fund Raising

Personal Finance

Credit Repair

Taxation, Accounting. Internal Audit

Industry expertise

Business Process

Legal, compliance and Governance

Information Technology

Organisational Excellence

Startup Services

Mergers & Acquisitions

Virtual CFO Services

Risk management

Transition Planning

Conflict Management

Distress Management

Strategic Marketing & Branding

What we do

Know what Exactly we do..!!

We facilitate online interaction and transaction management

Enable taking a well-informed decision

Transparent platform and hence scope for misselling is reduced

Online handholding support from the platform

It is very affordable

Diagnostic support to identify the issues and select the solution

You may choose the options of transactions and or time contracts as a retainer

It covers all the vital segments of successful entrepreneurship

Benefits for SMEs

Securing the required solution/s comprehensively

Expertise in all the areas of relevance will be available in one place

The pricing will be affordable

The online platform will overcome the limitation of physical proximity

Decisions will be well-informed , and it will help to lower the risks.

Benefits for Domain experts

One of its kind to enable them to connect with needy SMEs

The market reach will be more comprehensive as it is online

We promote online interaction than merely physical

An excellent avenue to build/enrich the credentials

How it works

Step -1
Initial contact (Email/WhatsApp/Call)
Step -2
Understanding the requirements

Step -3

Framing the issues

Step -4
Identifying the right Expert
Step -5
Signing the proposal

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