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We are a Team of Professionals with Decades of Experience in Banking & Financial Services. We are based in Bangalore.

We have worked with SMEs in the areas of debt funding/equity funding, restructuring, start-ups, bankruptcy, strategic planning, etc. We have been advising many SMEs in finding solutions for various challenges and found them experiencing remarkable progress.

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Our Team of Experts provide Reliable Information and Recommend Steps that deliver maximum benefits for your Business.


SME Advisors extends Knowledge, Support and provides Tools & Checklists on crucial Financial elements. Promoting financial strategy based on Prudent Financial Management among Small & Medium Enterprises in India is our mission.


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MSME Schemes of India

We, at SME Advisors keep updating this section with latest Government Schemes provided by the Indian Government for Start-Ups & SMEs. Keep checking this space for latest information and updates, and how they can benefit your Business.

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“Remember if your business is to succeed it is up to you!”
Entrepreneurship demands hard work, devotion, sacrifice & passion in pursuit of dream. However it is the strength of financial strategy that drives one through the journey of Entrepreneurship from start up to the height one dreams to scale. Our expertise and the process proved successful in helping many clients. We work best with business owners who are experiencing changes in their lives and business.

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Leverage & Uncertainty- Double Whammy for MSMEs

The MSMEs which are leveraged will find going will be very challenging in the present circumstances. This should enhance the appreciation for prudent financial management. Recently I had a call from one entrepreneur who has been into a movie screening business. The unit is leased to an operator for a monthly fixed rental payment. The

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Credit Guarantee- A reality check

In the post- COVID scenario, MSME financing is almost identified with Credit Guarantee schemes. We look at its effectiveness and appetite among the consumers (MLIs). Credit guarantee was born with a promise to ensure the availability of bank credit without the hassles of collaterals / third party guarantees to the entrepreneurs and others, Initially, it

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MSME Funding Package of Govt of India – A Critical Analysis

MSMEs are offered a financing package to overcome pains from COVID19 lockdown. The package is not universal and likely to have limited impact on the segment. Govt of India recently announced a scheme for supporting MSMEs who are affected due to sudden lockdown and resultant total disruption of their money flow on account of  COVID

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