One-time comprehensive and in-depth review of the business and finances.

It is a holistic review to check the business’s health and analyse its financial implications.

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The scope

Third Party Review

A third-party review
of the state of affairs

Understand Objectives

Understanding objectives
and expectations

Strategic Context

Understanding the strategic
context of the business



Assess Capabilities

Assess capabilities
and limitations

Flagging Risks

Identify the key risks that the business is facing in the near term


The Approach

This holistic analysis covers the business’s finance, management, operations and industry aspects. This understanding is the key to opening the door to success.  

This analysis is the starting point to discover a robust path forward.

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The Benefits of Diagnostic Service

Here's how our Business Diagnostic Service can benefit your organization

An independent analysis without any biases


Professionals who understand the sensitivities of MSMEs very well


It is an objective


It will list out possible consequences of the present situation and/or new proposal.


This will help to unravel certain details that an entrepreneur has been unaware


This will prompt you to benchmark the performance & capabilities.


It will reveal where you stand vis a vis where you wish to be.


It looks at both business and personal issues that affect business or vice versa


Financial statements for previous years. Financial model for start-ups

Few details are to be collected, such as Name, Address, Email, The background of Promoters, Nature of the activity, History of the Business, Future plan etc

Active interactions with Key persons to seek their perceptions

The questions we aims to answer

we understand that running a business can be challenging. That’s why we are proud to offer our comprehensive Business Diagnostic Service, designed to help you identify areas of improvement and unlock opportunities for growth and success.

? Where do you stand about your stated goals or should we revise?

?What are the key constraints that deprive you of exploiting the potential ?
? What are the Key risks- you and your business are facing separately? ?
?How to look at new opportunities ?

?How to deal with distress now or potential ones in future ?

Upon the completion of the study, a report will be shared with the client.

Contact us today to schedule a consultation and take the first step towards a brighter future for your business with our Business Diagnostic Service.

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