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A platform to connect entrepreneurs with experts from multiple domains to SMEs.

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Diagnostic service

This holistic analysis covers finance, management, operations and industry aspects surrounding the business. This understanding g is the key to open the door for success

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Handholding Services

Financial strategy examines the financial implications of corporate and business-level strategic options and identifies the best financial course of action. It harmoniously aligns the finance function with the rest of the processes and resources. 



We understand that MSMEs’ financial performance and sustainability are interlinked with many factors. Some have a subtle presence but significant impact. In the dynamic business environment and the constant need for realigning the business strategy, we can assist MSMEs to succeed by implementing a robust financial strategy.

Financial strategy vary with stages – start up, growth, diversification, distress, sale, and other events like succession, change in entrepreneur’s life circumstances

This platform is to assist MSMEs to find solutions to challenges and seek service of advisor/s.

We handhold the entrepreneurs in the virtual environment and serve without barriers.

Our prime emphasis is on

Improving the RoI(Return on Investment) and Lowering the risks to the sustainability of the business by working on Finance, Strategy and Re-Engineering the business processes.

Our Vision

Promoting prudent financial strategy among entrepreneurs that maximises the profitability and ensures long term sustainability.

SME Advisors developed a robust platform to develop business plans which has no parallel. We believe that sound business planning can eliminate failure rate by significant margin, a key concern for every entrepreneur be it start up stage or growth.


The funding requirement of MSMEs is diverse and depends upon its future pans and market appetite, and the nature of the business. New age businesses are predominantly depending upon equity funding whereas the manufacturing companies seek more debt than equity. Also the financing market is evolving and new products and delivery channels are emerging.


Many entrepreneurs are looking for value exit in view of lack of succession planning or due to other reasons.This kind of the situation require delicate handling, long term preparation and proper positioning of the candidate for attracting the investors.

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